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View a selection from our recent website projects and read our Customer Testimonials. Our web-development projects are created bespoke to your needs - for the design and the functionality:

Good Lives WairarapaGood Lives Wairarapa

Creating a website for a community group is always a pleasure... and especially when working with Chris and Anita from Good Lives Wairarapa. I'm pleased to have gained an insight into their amazing project during the process of building this website!

James Trucks & MachineryJames Trucks & Machinery

Over time a website develops visibility, online presence and "kudos" for the unique information it holds. When a website is then offline for a period of time, it then takes some effort to re-establish the SEO and online presence. We helped James Trucks & Machinery to get their site back online and re-gain that visibility.

Fall ProtectFall Protect

The team at Fall Protect aim to eliminate the risk of worker injuries. Our aim as the web agency supporting Fall Protect was to better their current online position in Google search by boosting their organic SEO. Page speed, content, page titles, meta descriptions and keyword considerations were made and implemented, boosting the site's rank / SERP.

Spring CoachingSpring Coaching

Migrating Spring Coaching's website to a new server brought about a few requirements that are not always experienced when moving a website to a different host. These included paid software subscriptions that needed replacing, forms that required a switch from on-site to 3rd party hosting and finally a chunk of SEO and page speed work to up the speed of the website and Google rank.

A&K Plumbing, Drainlaying and ElectricalA&K Plumbing, Drainlaying and Electrical

Wairarapa Web Design specialise in websites for service industry businesses across Wellington and Wairarapa. Our latest project was a new website for a local plumbing and drain-laying business which had just expanded to include electrical services.

Galbraith PlumbingGalbraith Plumbing

Producing the Galbraith Plubming website was straight-foward from start to finish. The clean design and sharp lines frame the product and portfolio images beautifully. This was our first project with a Canadian company, further extending our work-reach internationally.

Wairarapa HireWairarapa Hire

Working with Kat and Wendy at Wairarapa Hire Company was a smooth and simple process. Building a site that allowed them to book hire of machinery and equipment required some bespoke design / front-end development, combined with premium software plugins to provide a perfect solution for their needs.

Masterton Trust Lands TrustMasterton Trust Lands Trust

What a cool project! We worked with Masterton Trust Lands Trust and Manu Rere Communications to migrate the Trust's current, outdated Drupal website to a new, modernised and feature-packed WordPress website.

Go Zone WairarapaGo Zone Wairarapa

Amazing people, an amazing design, project and most importantly, an amazing venue. When we heard that a trampoline park and indoor playground was coming to the Wairarapa, we were immediately excited. Working on this project was a joyous journey from start to finish, and we hope that's evident in the design!

Somm-Sake NZSomm-Sake NZ

Bringing this interesting product range from Japan to New Zealand was a really interesting premise for a project, so we were excited to be involved. Designing a brand that fits with the parent company, MT Glass Ltd, whilst also standing out on its own as an e-commerce brand.

Plyguy NZPlyguy NZ

The third iteration of the Plyguy website, now with online ordering and payments. The website utilises WooCommerce, Stripe and a number of bespoke developments to provide a solution that integrates seamlessly with Cin7 for CRM and stock management purposes.

Ruamahanga Mauri ohoRuamahanga Mauri oho

Ruamāhanga Mauri Oho is a wetland and riparian forest restoration project started in 2021 by Liz, Jane and Lucy Riddiford and Rod Sugden. Wairarapa Web Design agreed to support their project by building them a website and setting up an online auction for the sale of artworks from Wairarapa-artist Michael Moore.

Bays & LeoBays & Leo

A Wairarapa-based business, diversifying from their farming background to produce these stunning treasured keepsake ceramic and pottery candles. The work for this project required some SEO improvements to a pre-existing website, optimising Google search results, plus a revised user experience. Speed improvements, CTAs and a revised page list produces measurable results.

Carterton NZCarterton NZ

The fourth iteration of the Go Carterton Business group website, this new design and build offers an echo of the successful site built in 2018. Over the years the site has built a following of up to 2000 visitors per month and has been a showcase for the Carterton town and district - for business and tourism.

Mad Graphics and SigNZMad Graphics and SigNZ

The project for Mad Graphics and SigNZ in Ashburton was a blast from the past. I grew up with Marie and family in a small village in the UK, so when I had a request for work on their web presence in NZ, it was a lovely surprise. After some reminiscing, we got to work and put together a website to showcase their new Canterbury graphics and signage business venture in record time.

A Complete CowA Complete Cow

Possibly one of our fastest end-to-end projects due to a pressing deadline. We used large photography and utilised the provided logo. We came up with the slogan "making ends meat" accidentally, and Claire liked it! Win! This site ultimately will offer online sales of product via an ecommerce and payment system, but for now offers subscription to meat orders.

Wai-Com LtdWai-Com Ltd

Working with a technical team sometimes means you speak the same language. One of the skills we pride ourselves of is the ability to then communicate that technical information to the general public in a manner that is clear and simple to understand. User interface, wording and site structure are key in this process; key areas that we carefully considered for this project.

MT Glass New ZealandMT Glass New Zealand

A visual feast of muted landscape scenes and contrasting, sharp, clean lines and white-space. The MT Glass website offers English-speaking users the English language version, and similarly the Japanese users a Japanese translation. Using WordPress as a our CMS, we paired this with Divi and a number of plugins for language decisions, plus some custom coding too.

Maureena LeatherMaureena Leather

This Wairarapa-based leather belt and accessory maker is going online to sell his unique designs. Buy handmade leather wristbands, belts, dog collars and hand-forged buckles. The website has been a mental challenge to calculate the variations of belts and other products, and best present them to the public. We have produced a simple to use site with some great photography and a good user experience.

Tararua TautokoTararua Tautoko

This community-driven project in the Tararua District aims to provide visible and readily available access to health, social and family service providers locally. Whether you are a social worker, midwife, counsellor or family support officer in the Tararua region, you can register on this site.

Craft PaintersCraft Painters

This quick refresh of an existing website allowed the SEO issues to be addressed and improved, more photography added to improve engagement and better overall flow. All completed for less than $300.

The Magpie's NestThe Magpie's Nest

Wairarapa-based artist Thérèse Quinlivan creates amazing artwork using wool as an art medium. She also offers workshops to share her skills and knowledge. We took on her website to refresh, modernise and implement new features, to best showcase her works, past and present. This Wix website offers a means of easy owner-managed content, requiring minimal technical skills to administer.

Wairarapa Balloon FestivalWairarapa Balloon Festival

The brief was to remake the Wairarapa Ballooning website in a 2 week turnaround, using an unfamiliar CMS system. We said "Sure, we're on it!". The website uses fresh branding materials, great, colourful photography and offers all the information about the upcoming events.

Wheels At WairarapaWheels At Wairarapa

Wheels At Wairarapa is an event held at Clareville Showgrounds / Wairarapa A&P Society. This project took a poster and converted it, piece by piece, into an active web page, responsive graphically for mobile and other small-screen devices, and implemented links to booking as required for the event.

Carterton SchoolCarterton School

We were happy to donate time and expertise to this project. A number of upgrades to the Carterton School website were needed to get it up to speed with the latest software, secure and prepared for future upgrades. The biggest element of the work was setting up the online shop, using WooCommerce to allow online pie sales for Carterton School PTA and minimising administration and paperwork.

Ambrosia Health ClinicAmbrosia Health Clinic

A single page website, set up in a short space of time to get business owner Nicola some strong, professional online visibility to complement her Facebook presence. The site, built on WordPress and Divi, offers flexibility in terms of future expansion, SEO options and regular content updates.

Pain Management WairarapaPain Management Wairarapa

Julianne O'Donnell is a Physiotherapist, qualified in Sports Physiotherapy and Pain Management, as well as extensive experience in all musculo-skeletal conditions. This single page website offers a great overview of her business, qualifications and services, whilst providing SEO-rich content for Google Search.

The White Swan GreytownThe White Swan Greytown

the White Swan Hotel in Greytown's website needed a refresh for a number of reasons. New branding had been produced for by a local design agency, so this had to be applied to the website. The old site was slow to load and was missing various SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) elements. We revised the look and feel, created new content and followed our best practices to make the site perform in Google.

Evie May ShoesEvie May Shoes

Women's shoe sales are a little outside of my size 12 expertise, but working with Amanda and Nic was super easy! Their beautiful products practically sell themselves - awesome photos of each product were provided and we upgraded the old Weebly website for a brand new WordPress / WooCommerce build with Stripe online payments.

Page 42 Cafe & GelatoPage 42 Cafe & Gelato

We love food and great service - so working with Page 42 was a dream come true! Josh and team provided the photos, wording and other bits and pieces to give the site content. Peter Veltkamp from askpeter Communication Design provided the branding and some marketing direction to get us started. We're super-happy with the results!

Lavender AbbeyLavender Abbey

This project for Lavender Abbey looks somewhat familiar; and that was the aim. This website was a number of years old and performing well. But the underlying technology moves on, so we took the design and user interface and shoe-horned it into a brand new WordPress CMS system. Greater security, longevity and more tools and resources for the admin and customer!

Project JoyfulProject Joyful

A great project that just came together aesthetically after extended discussions with the client to ensure we knew what they were trying to get across. The Project Joyful website is bright, happy, professional and a pleasure to navigate!

Insight CarpentryInsight Carpentry

A quick and simple website build for Insight Carpentry, using some great quality photography. This combined with the business logo to produce a quality, good looking, yet low budget website.

Wairarapa A&P Show and SocietyWairarapa A&P Show and Society

This project represented our second approach to the Wairarapa A&P Society and Show website. After 6 years, the website was showing its age and needed a refresh - simplification of design and management, whilst increasing the functionality and technology behind the scenes.

Balter Bar & KitchenBalter Bar & Kitchen

This is the second take on a website for this bar and eatery after they reinvented their menu under new ownership. As such the website has been simplified, new images of beautiful food added, consideration made as to the user experience (UX) and a new Content Management System (CMS) added to allow the team to update things under their own Steam.

Stonehenge AotearoaStonehenge Aotearoa

Stonehenge Aotearoa is a unique stone circle, observatory and history centre in New Zealand. The Stonehenge Aotearoa team have been customers of Wairarapa Web Design for many years for various projects, so to take on making a site for their pride and joy was a pleasure!

Gladstone NZGladstone NZ

The Gladstone Project is an online resource to showcase the Gladstone town and surrounding area. It offers an up-to-date list of things to do, local events, businesses, community facilities and clubs, eateries, wineries, wedding venues and accommodation during your stay. Beautiful design direction and elements were provided by Farmers Daughter Design and the site was laid out and developed in-house by WWD.

Traditional Skills WorkshopsTraditional Skills Workshops

Creating something modern like a website to represent something with history such as spinning can sometimes be a tough task. We embraced the challenge, using design guidelines and logos from Bluddy Brilliant Design to construct a website to present beautiful, traditional and timeless things.

Flat Point BeachFlat Point Beach

Working with Mary and John McGuinness from Flat Point once more to provide a brand new design for their website. Added functionality including online calendar availability, advanced gallery functionality and - of course - search engine optimisation to best present their business online in Google.

La Lune SleepwearLa Lune Sleepwear

La Lune Sleepwear sell a range of clothing made from organic cotton designed for night-time wear. This awesome Wairarapa business startup contacted WWD to see how we could help to boost their online presence. We worked with their Shopify website to customise content, structure and polish the technical shizzle to ensure that they rose up the SEO ranks in Google.

Evolve CareersEvolve Careers

Working with Kirsten on the revitalisation of her website was a pleasure. We listened to what she wanted to achieve with the site and she took on-board our recommendations to improve the site performance. We optimised, minified, keyword-researched and accelerated the website performance massively. And, most importantly, ensured that Google could get maximum visibility of the content.

Moy Hall WinesMoy Hall Wines

We first worked with Carolyn and Phill in 2017; their new website was the latest project we completed for this wonderful Martinborough-based winery. Utilising another stunning design from Dusty & Lulu, this beauty was implemented with care and precision to reflect the visuals provided. Content Management of the website is via WordPress and WooCommerce.

Rawdons KombuchaRawdons Kombucha

Working with designers Dusty & Lulu from Martinborough, we developed a new website for Rawdons Kombucha. The Illustrator files and bitmaps the design duo provided were the perfect means of us implementing this bespoke-build website design. Some custom functionality was implemented in the CMS system before going live.

Kiwi ColourKiwi Colour

Kiwi Colour is a scratch and dent repair company based in Yorkshire, UK, owned & run by Rick, an ex-pat from NZ. Kiwi Colour are one of our longest standing clients, having used their services personally in the UK and completed work for them there too. This project required a complete overhaul whilst maintaining their strong SEO / online presence. The site was then used as a template for 2 additional sites for their Manchester and Lancashire businesses.

Blue Bucket Cleaning CoBlue Bucket Cleaning Co

We worked with Blue Bucket Cleaning Company based in Masterton to boost the SEO (Eearch Engine Optimisation) of their website in order to reach a greater number of potential customers across the Wairarapa region. They were a pleasure to deal with and would recommend their services to all.

LGE ConsultancyLGE Consultancy

Coming from an engineering background myself, working with LGE in Masterton was an interesting project. LGE Consultancy needed to update their web presence from an older, self built site, to a Content Managed system with the latest CMS system implemented. A minimalist design, fast loading pages complement this simple to use UI. SEO complements the build for Google-friendly pages.

STMS WairarapaSTMS Wairarapa

This project was initiated by Ric at STMS with the goal of moving from their VistaPrint website to a professional, bespoke design. This offered the opportunity to also look at the website's online visibility and search rank in Google. SEO activities included keyword research, image compression, caching and a number of server optimisations to deliver the website in the best manner.

Wairarapa WaterWairarapa Water

Utilising a bespoke setup CMS system, the WWL website is customised to make channel content, imagery uploads and simple editing a breeze. Categorisation of news items, media and press releases is possible too. The extensible system will allow for future updates and upgrades to the site.

C'est CheeseC'est Cheese

Although C'est Cheese already took orders online and delivered across the Wairarapa region, the Covid-19 Lockdown in 2020 required a more capable system for purchasing their products whilst minimising admin effort. This came in the format of a dedicated WordPress and WooCommerce solution from Wairarapa Web Design, providing orders for the Wellington & Wairarapa regions.

TLC CartertonTLC Carterton

Working with Toni and Steve from TLC Tractor Lawnmower & Chainsaw Services in Carterton is always a pleasure. Implementing their new website was a simple process; graphics were provided by Nectarine Design, the website was a WordPress build and ecommerce is implemented via WooCommerce and Stripe payments.

Remutaka Cycle TrailRemutaka Cycle Trail

Remutaka Cycle Trail tours offer stunning scenery, boutique wineries, special destinations and an range of ride options accessible to all. Check out Green Jersey Cycle Tours to find out what option would suit your visit to the Wairarapa & Wellington regions.

Craft Beer ToursCraft Beer Tours

Wellington based business Craft Beer Tours NZ offer tour-bus travel for their bespoke guided tours in and around Wellington> Visit top breweries, artisan food producers and gin distilleries during your trip.

Riversdale Beach Golf ClubRiversdale Beach Golf Club

This website project was wonderful to construct thanks to some stunning imagery, a new customised CMS system and a great team at the club to work with. Implementation of their project spec was a creative challenge but one we savoured.

Ka Pai CartertonKa Pai Carterton

A simple project to create a bold, stand-out logo for a local community organisation in Carterton. Keeping colours and font block colours allows for colour variations to easily be created in the future and build further.

Greytown Little TheatreGreytown Little Theatre

Working with Greytown Little Theatre was a pleasure. We helped develop their pre-existing Wix website to structure page templates and page layout consistency. We also implemented search optimisation features in order to improve the website's position in Google search results, whilst simultaneously making the pages load faster for users.

Rosies Furniture RemovalsRosies Furniture Removals

Working with Petra and Michelle to develop the Rosies Removals website was an awesome experience; we can completely understand why they are the leading furniture removals company in Wairarapa. The design, content and management system tied together perfectly, creating a great online presence for the business.

Riteway WaterproofingRiteway Waterproofing

We often work with local engineers, technical businesses and other service providers to create websites that fulfill the needs of their team. This is evident in the Riteway Waterproofing site; our specialism is getting new service industry businesses found online.


Working one-to-one with Sam from AgriAnalytics, we boosted his pre-existing website to give it more bite! With SEO content added to all pages of the site, page speed improved and a series of other Google-friendly tweaks, the site has risen up the ranks to appear alongside - and in front of - his competitors.


With the existing, ageing website showing its flaws, it was time to build something new, simple, fresh and fast. The new Plyguy website is a single page scroller, with an easy user interface and Google-friendly structure.

Lismore HouseLismore House

This stunning accommodation and events venue in Martinborough was produced over a short period of time working with the business owner whilst overseas. We pride ourselves on capturing the customer's website requirements accurately - whether based in New Zealand or beyond - to deliver the perfect solutions.

EHS Management ConsultancyEHS Management Consultancy

Management consultancy services in the UK are in no short supply, but EHS offer a specialised, personal approach to their clients' environment, health and safety needs. With experience in legislation, management systems and training, they are able to provide expert guidance to UK businesses.


The Tui HQ team needed a hand with a refresh of their website, we were happy to oblige. Moving the site from Adobe Muse to a bespoke-build CMS system allows for quick updates to the website in the future, flexibility for design changes, new functionality and most importantly a better user experience.

Lucia Zanmonti PhotographyLucia Zanmonti Photography

Photographers in Wairarapa are not uncommon, but to find one who can produce such natural, beautifully lit imagery is much more of a challenge. Lucia Zanmonti offers personal and commercial photography of people, products and events throughout the region. Our work Search Optimising her website was a small but essential and effective project.

Tylee & CoTylee & Co

Tylee & Co provide tailored finance advice to their clients in the Greater Wellington region and beyond. The website was also tailored to perfection, with the design being produced by Dusty and Lulu of Martinborough. Their eye for detail provided a strong framework around which to build the website, every aspect of which was coded from scratch.


Based on our concept of people, community and creativity being more valuable and enticing than B2B, we rebranded and restructured the existing Go Carterton website to make those things tangible. The "cARTerton" project is for everyone who lives in, comes to or want to be in our awesome wee town!

August LandscapesAugust Landscapes

Paul August is a Wairarapa-based landscape designer and builder of garden masterpieces. We created a simple website to provide a professional online presence for August Landscapes, utilising and updating the existing business logo alongside some stunning photography from past projects.


This simple website was designed to showcase "FrameBoot" - an ingenious, New Zealand product aimed at the building industry. This simple item can prevent weather damage to a building's timber framing and consequently can extend the life of your property.

Worsley DesignWorsley Design

Providing a clean, minimal framework to showcase beautiful images was our aim for Worsley Design's website. Taking a "flat design" approach, we used simple elements, sharp/lean typography and a monochrome palette, providing negative detail and great contrast.

Park Road DentalPark Road Dental

Park Road Dental Carterton have recently re-branded their business and asked Wairarapa Web Design to develop an online presence for their business. A new logo was designed by Gregory Design, Greytown, and signage assembled and installed by Mark's Signs. The art-deco style echoes the style of the surgery's building, located just off the picturesque Memorial Square in the centre of Carterton.

Wellington Wine CountryWellington Wine Country

Wairarapa Web Design joined up with Unity Web Masterton and Wellington Wine Country to produce this beautiful-yet-simple design. Their re-branding needed to tell the story of hand-crafted wines from the Greater Wellington region, bringing together Martinborough, Gladstone and Masterton in one, unified web-presence.

The Experience CollectiveThe Experience Collective

Production of a simple, single-page, scrolling website with CSS3-driven effects and overlays. The website was required with a turnaround time of a few days. We achieved this deadline and produced a fast-loading, slick site that perfectly fulfilled the brief.

Monteith's BreweryMonteith's Brewery

We were very excited to work on the Monteith's Brewery website, with the brief of re-imagining an existing website to improve useability, speed, search position in Google (SEO) and provide a CMS too. All of these areas were implemented and more, check out the site to see what they offer.

The Changing RoomThe Changing Room

The Changing Room is your first stop for official Tui and Monteith's branded clothing, novelty items, bar accessories and Kiwiana. The new Wordpress website is custom built using a responsive mobile-friendly template, WooCommerce online shop system and bespoke functionality. The ideal place to shop for Christmas presents and family gifts!

Schoc ChocolatesSchoc Chocolates

It was a pleasure to work on the refresh for the Schoc Chocolates website, bringing in bright, vibrant colour alongside minimal, clean design elements. A bespoke-engineered CMS system allows additional functionality too, with the new "make me chocolates" picker tool and customer voucher systems. Dive in and enjoy!

Tora Coastal WalkTora Coastal Walk

Stunning by photography supplied by Mike Heydon was the inspiration for this simplistic, clean design, showcasing the amazing location that is Tora. The WordPress-powered website allows for regular updates and benefits SEO.

Everest Bistro FeatherstonEverest Bistro Featherston

Working with food can itself be a design process, but Kevin Li, Lesley He and the team at Everest Bistro in Featherston have taken it to another level! Their "fusion food" embraces Asian styles alongside French patisserie, Spanish and Italian cooking and much more! Head along today to try their wares!

Ellison CartageEllison Cartage

Ellison Cartage is a Wairarapa-based bulk transport business, operating out of Carterton. Now running for for 13 years, the growing business wanted to develop a strong, online presence and have invested in a website to showcase their services and fleet of trucks. Brand-driven, image rich and simple to navigate make for a good user experience.

Artist Lynne IgguldenArtist Lynne Iggulden

Producing a website for an artist such as Lynne Iggulden sets a personal challenge; fashioning a design to compliment their artwork whilst not clashing or overpower their paintings is key. As such, the use of complimentary colour, negative detail and white-space allows the website to frame and present their works most effectively.

Kendal Mountaineering ServicesKendal Mountaineering Services

Kendal Mountaineering Services were an old client from our time spent designing websites in Cumbria, UK. They came to us to discuss an upgrade to their existing site to better their SEO and Google rank, then subsequently asked for a full website redesign. It was great working with them once-more and we're really proud of the resulting project!

PBS Windows GreytownPBS Windows Greytown

PBS Windows Greytown went through a recent rebranding exercise (previously Fairview Langford). Wairarapa Web Design assisted in the updating of their website, online business listings and Google search presence to ensure the move to a new domain/website address was seamless.

Bill Hammond TransportBill Hammond Transport

Bill Hammond Transport are based in Carterton, offering a bulk cartage service to the lower and central-North Island. Working with the Bill Hammond team was a pleasure, supplying a strong web presence and cloud-based email hosting for everyone in the office - and out on the road.

Laura Lee Clinical PsychologistLaura Lee Clinical Psychologist

A new client and quite a different service to express online compared to many of our prior projects; Laura Lee, Clinical Psychologist and UK Forensic Psychologist, wanted to showcase her skills and services in an minimal, attractive yet engaging manner. We got to work and are damn happy with the results!

Tararua Services DirectoryTararua Services Directory

The Tararua Services Directory is an online "gathering" of contact information for regional organisations. The website offers the Tararua region support in the form of structured listings for essential services that can really make a difference to those in need, at risk, isolated or in poor health. A great project for the local community.

Balter Bar & KitchenBalter Bar & Kitchen

We are proud to be part of Carterton's Balter Bar & Kitchen's roll out of this new Wairarapa business. Our aim was to produce a social media explosion, web presence and capabilities for ongoing marketing in the future. And damn it, that's what we've delivered. No web presence to Google search result topper in 1 day, it's a new record even for us!

With HeartWith Heart

With a beautiful design from the mighty Martinborough duo, "Dusty's and Lulu", we got stuck into the development project. Photo-driven content? Sure... Mobile optimised? Of course. Search optimised? Why wouldn't you! When this site went "live" it received a fantastic reception. We hope you love it too!

Hodgkiss RefrigerationHodgkiss Refrigeration

After meeting Tony & Michelle Hodgkiss during the installation of our own heatpump, we subsequently took on a project to design & build their online web-presence. With existing branding (logo & colour-scheme) we were able to nail the design first time. Content and images loaded, SEO constructed and Google readied, this great wee website went live!

Neighbourhood CoffeeNeighbourhood Coffee

This collaboration with Martinborough-based design agency Dusty's and Lulu was an awesome challenge. We believe in pushing our skill-set and learning something new and that's just what we did! Neighbour Hood Coffee's site is slick, clean and super-smooth! Bespoke CMS modules, JQuery solutions and mobile responsive page content. Nice!

Juno OlivesJuno Olives

Karen and Ian at Juno Olives knew exactly the look, feel and experience they wanted their clients to have when they shop on their new website. And the award-winning, Greytown-based olive grove received exactly that - a stunning site with a simple flow, search-friendly content and PayPal-based online purchasing.

Hayes & AssociatesHayes & Associates

Hayes and Associates is an expanding firearms business based in the Wairarapa region. Their old website was looking a little tired and needed sprucing up. A revised design, updated CMS, responsive layout and online purchasing brings the company's profile up to speed!


The Agri-Women's Development Trust and Design Hive Masterton approached us to discuss implementation of a new website design for their organisation. WWD in conjunction with Unity Web brought the website up-to-date with mobile responsive pages, Wordpress Content Management and custom coded integration with Capsule CRM.

Wakefield Auctions GreytownWakefield Auctions Greytown

Production of the Wakefield Auctions website upgrade was a swift and positive exercise. The old site became the new with minimal notice in the same week. Search optimisation, Facebook fed gallery items and custom plugin configuration allow this website to fulfill the client's needs and usability for the public.

Lavender AbbeyLavender Abbey

Lavender Abbey got in touch for an update to their old OpenCart website. A fresh, modern and responsive web design brought the site up to date and improved the user experience. Implementation in the latest version of the Shop CMS provides simplicity and flexibility for both the administrator and public. And last but not least, boosted Google SEO improves search results.

Stonehenge AotearoaStonehenge Aotearoa

The team at Stonehenge Aotearoa in Carterton got in touch to see how Wairarapa Web Design could boost their existing website's search position in Google. We applied high-tech testing tools, keyword research and optimisation of page content, image sizes and error-correction to super-shift the site up into a better placement.

My MastertonMy Masterton

This project update was in collaboration with Design Hive in Masterton, aiming to maximise the online presence of the My Masterton website. Server updates and high tech testing tools were used to provide monitoring of the website and subsequently implement improvements new features.

Cobblestones Museum GreytownCobblestones Museum Greytown

Working in collaboration with Boulder Bay Design, we helped develop the online presence for Cobblestones Museum Greytown by forming a Search Optimisation plan to boost its Google search position. Keyword research, W3C compliance, social media promo and extended testing allowed us to improve the rank for the site, driving more traffic.

Totarol NZTotarol NZ

The Totarol NZ website is the online brand for a product produced by Mende Biotech Ltd, a Carterton-based business. The aim for this site design was to present a clean, clear and simple presence for the business, search-engine friendly content, with a Content Management System for the business owner to make updates.

Holmes ConstructionHolmes Construction

The Holmes Construction Group and Holmes Wellington websites were produced by Greytown designer, Elton Gregory. As a collaborative development, Wairarapa Web Design took these designs and implemented them into a CMS-driven, responsive website, optimised for smartphones and tablets.

Orion Property ManagementOrion Property Management

Finding property management agents for Wairarapa home owners is an important task. Choosing the right managers can make the difference between your investment increasing in value or creating cost and hassle. The website for Orion had to get across the professionalism and experience that Tracey and Rob can offer. See what you think!

Vet Services Hawkes BayVet Services Hawkes Bay

Following on from the Vet Services Wairarapa website, the team at Vet Services Hawkes Bay approached us to find out how their existing online presence could be improved. An extensive review was completed and development plan drawn up. The new website is functional, fast and effective for users and Google.

Ticehurst ConstructionTicehurst Construction

With Craig Ticehurst taking over the family business, he was keen refresh the online presence to suit. The new Ticehurst Construction website replaces the existing Steve Ticehurst Building Co website and features some new updates to functionality, look and feel, whilst transitioning the Google search value from the old website.

Bibilicious BibsBibilicious Bibs

JoJo from Bibilicious Bibs was keen to simplify the flow of her website, improve Google search position and integrate the sales with sister-business, Mrs Baginz. The mobile-friendly, search optimised holding page for Bibilicious Bibs was created with a prominent call-to-action link leading to the Bibilicious Bibs and Mrs Baginz Etsy store.

Hayes & AssociatesHayes & Associates

Sometimes simple is best! Hayes and Associates have built a reputation providing the best quality rifles, shotguns, handguns and accessories for shooters throughout New Zealand. This basic holding page has been put together to maximise SEO value for the website's future.


Owen and Jennifer and STIHL SHOP Greytown approached us to discuss a new design and system for their existing business website. With a bespoke-build eCommerce system, CMS and search-optimisation, we have taken the website to a new level of performance.

Zappo the MagicianZappo the Magician

Zappo is the Wairarapa's "local magician" and has been a full time children's entertainer for the last 17 years. The new Zappoland website needed to stand out, be bold and catch the attention of parents and children alike. Bright colours, clear navigation and good usability, combined with SEO, help this website to perform!

Living BotanicalsLiving Botanicals

Living Botanicals run by Raewyn Wilson, a Registered Bach Flower Practitioner, offers an alternative approach to health and well-being. Originally created by Greytown-based web designer, Anne Taylor, this website provides a showcase for the business's offerings. Wairarapa Web Design have built on this foundation to improve online visibility in Google search and social media.

Roof Rat ToolRoof Rat Tool

Taking on an existing website to improve its performance can be a challenging task; improving the foundation and implementation of the website's code, simplifying layout and reviewing wording whilst trying to increase visibility and keyword content - there's lots to manage. The Roof Rat website has had all of these improvements and more to make it perform in a more effective manner.

Carroll's JoineryCarroll's Joinery

The team at Carroll's Joinery wanted a modern, minimal and sleek design for their business website and branding. We obliged by delivering a clean and simple look for their business, both online and - with the help of Gregory Studio, Greytown - on their vehicles and printed media.

Hammond SpreadingHammond Spreading

Wairarapa-based Hammond Spreading approached the team at Wairarapa Web Design for a new website to showcase their business and services. This was also one of the first mobile websites we created!

Longbush PorkLongbush Pork

Longbush Pork returned to Wairarapa Web Design for a second update to their website after a re-branding exercise and change of direction for the business. The fresh, new colour-scheme and logos provided a great basis for the revised design and "feel" of the website. Simple, clean and usable!

Wellington LodgeWellington Lodge

This new website, produced for a Wellington-based Masonic lodge, incorporates a number of new features in both the public and administration areas of the site. Vertically cascading galleries and embedded video add visual effect whilst dynamic homepage content allows for flexibility and faster page-loading.

The Tribe ChurchThe Tribe Church

The Tribe Church approached Wairarapa web design to discuss a refresh and modernisation of their existing website. Simplicity was key, with the website forming a background about the church and a means of getting in touch. Strong imagery provided a wonderful background to the pages and a perfect setting for the Masterton-based group.

Regent 58 BreweryRegent 58 Brewery

Behind the buildings on high street is situated Carterton's best kept secret; our aim was to break down that secret and produce a website to promote the wonderful Regent 58 Brewery & Alehouse. The "boutique" brewery and alehouse produces traditional British-style ales and sells them from the small-but-perfectly-formed bar, manned by owners Gary and Brent.

GaffGun NZGaffGun NZ

This simple website has been set up to provide visibility of the NZ-based supplier of the GaffGun. The site was built from scratch, taking queues from the parent website and existing branding. Responsive pages ensure that the latest Google search requirements are fulfilled whilst making for the best user experience.

Out of the AtticOut of the Attic

Their slogan "Objects of Beauty for Hire" says it all. This Wairarapa-based event hire company offer a great range of vintage items and props for your retro event. This fresh looking design by Jeremy, combined with custom-built Content Management System, JQuery and CSS3 interaction provides a minimalist whilst functional interface to enrich the customer experience.

Thrive AdventureThrive Adventure

Sibling site to Thrive Accommodation, Thrive Adventure is more focused on the outdoor activities and exploration of their Wairarapa-surroundings. Tramping, climbing, camping and much more are offered from this enthusiastic team to individuals and groups alike.

Algaefree in New ZealandAlgaefree in New Zealand

This basic website was set up to provide online visibility for a NZ-based supplier of Algaefree pool products. A new logo was designed, along with a fresh website layout to showcase the products. Mobile phone users see a responsive website suited to smaller touch-screen devices to maximise audience and Google search performance.

Wairarapa Road Safety CouncilWairarapa Road Safety Council

The Wairarapa Road Safety Council approached us to look at modernising their existing website to best represent their organisation. With a full-screen layout, mobile-responsive build and re-engineered CMS, the website provides all the necessary features to promote their presence online.

The Vet Clinic WairarapaThe Vet Clinic Wairarapa

The development project for The Vet Clinic Wairarapa (previously Vet Services Wairarapa) was one of our largest projects to date. The requirement to rebrand an existing website, divert another and create a new main web-presence for optimum Google search positioning, fully-integrated social media facilities and a multi-site approach created a really exciting challenge.

The Auction HouseThe Auction House

The Auction House website required an upgrade to provide wannabe buyers an enriched browsing experience. Facebook integration of photo-albums means that all auctions can be displayed with full-size images with minimal effort. A single point for upload reduces the time and effort to populate content on the website.

Flatpoint BeachFlatpoint Beach

This long-standing, well established website deserved a good refresh and modernisation. This Wairarapa coastal destination is prime real estate and a popular tourist destination - hence a professional website redesign would give it the appropriate professional look and feel.

Oversew FashionOversew Fashion

The Wairarapa Environmental Oversew Fashion Awards, last held in 2012 in Carterton's Event Centre, returned to the Wairarapa in May 2014. The new website design needed to reflect the nature of the event, integrate with pre-existing media and develop the website's accessibility to ensure ease of use for potential entrants.

ESL ResourcesESL Resources was an interesting project to create an eCommerce store for digital educational materials. Overseas teachers of the English language can readily purchase & download the invaluable, tried-and-tested exercises, activities & games. With the number of resources continuing to expand, the customer also needed a management system to allow new products to be quickly & simply added.

Steel EDSteel ED

The Wellington / Hutt based engineering company Steel ED approached Wairarapa Web Design to create a more professional website than their existing design which would suitably represent their professionalism, skill and project detail. Mobile optimised, responsive web-build in slick, brushed sheet metal.

Kieran Oliver ContractingKieran Oliver Contracting

Kieran Oliver Contracting is a locally owned earthworks and cartage business, specialising in excavation and build of equine arenas. The website is a modern, mobile-responsive build, with the design coming from their business colours and existing logo

Wairarapa A&P ShowWairarapa A&P Show

The Wairarapa A&P Society team approached us to upgrade and revitalise their website under new branding for the show, grounds and society itself. The result is a fresh, clean and mobile-responsive site that showcases the Clareville resource beautifully.

Oakly PlumbingOakly Plumbing

This project was an update to a seven year old website for a local plumbing company in Masterton. New photography was incorporated along with a short video clip and revised content. Search Optimisation has also improved the position of the website in search results.

Ranchmans PetfoodRanchmans Petfood

Following a recent re-brand of their fleet of van and utes, Carterton's Ranchmans Petfoods decided that their 10-year-old website should follow suit. The new PHP-driven website updates to the latest web-standards to incorporate smartphone and tablet compatibility, online enquiries and a full catalogue of products.

Burton TrentBurton Trent

The Burton Trent Country Music website provides a showcase for the local Featherston musician's work. With an upcoming 2015 album, Burton was keen to "get online" and provide his listeners a means of previewing his tracks and buying online. The site utilises responsive design and the latest CSS3 development features.

Carterton CDBICarterton CDBI

As a Carterton local, the new website seemed like an opportunity to give something back to a vibrant and friendly community. Capturing that vibrancy and energy was key in this regional project, which aimed to showcase our town and encourage people to stop and visit our shops, attractions & events.

Wairarapa Olive HarvestingWairarapa Olive Harvesting

This single page website provides an online presence for Wairarapa Olive Harvesting. Their mechanical olive harvesting equipment is unique in the region and offers a service to many local olive growers.

WaiBike WairarapaWaiBike Wairarapa

The WaiBike site is focused on making cycling more accessible and a practical transport method for commuters in the Wairarapa region. Working with the GWRC team in Masterton, we built a modern, customised mobile-responsive design, incorporating existing logo designs and colour-scheme. A bespoke CMS completes this "for-purpose" build.

Hoskins Energy SystemsHoskins Energy Systems

Wairarapa-based electrical specialist Hoskins Energy Systems offer renewable, commercial, industrial and domestic installation services. The new website for this local business provides an online showcase for their services & past projects.

Desktop Office Equipment CleaningDesktop Office Equipment Cleaning

Desktop Office Equipment Cleaning offers a Wairarapa & Greater Wellington service for business users to ensure their computers, phones, printers and other equipment is kept in excellent condition. The website, although simple, is smart-phone responsive, hence offers the best user-experience to all users.

Keinzley Veterinarian Solutions "Farm Vet"Keinzley Veterinarian Solutions "Farm Vet"

Keinzley Veterinarian Solutions have provided a mobile vet service to the Wairarapa from their base at the Carterton branch of Keinzley AgVet for several years now. Caleb King approached Wairarapa Web Design with the requirement to get his business online. So that's just what we did with his website

Creative Kitchens WairarapaCreative Kitchens Wairarapa

This kitchen design and manufacture business, based in Wairarapa, required an online presence. Using a simple, single page website and an effective slideshow-transition allows the different kitchen designs on offer to be shown via a time-delay cycle through a number of photos.

Coulson Family HomesCoulson Family Homes

Coulson Family Homes focus on their unique creative ability to be able to think outside the box. This outlook accordingly inspired the new Coulson Family Homes website design and build. Mobile-optimised, responsive webpages are matched with custom-build functionality to provide a visually enticing experience.

Wairarapa Safer Community TrustWairarapa Safer Community Trust

The Wairarapa Safer Community Trust wanted a simple means of keeping their local community informed about the latest happenings and events. The website we produced allowed them to show a series of different services that they offer and the facility to associate each service with relevant news articles.

The Children's TrustThe Children's Trust

The Children's Trust is a Carterton-based group, focused on tackling local violence, poverty and the suffering experienced by children in the local community. Their website was integral to promoting the cause and creating a professional-looking web-presence, suitable to refer potential sponsors & funder to for the project's background.

Chocol'Art FestivalChocol'Art Festival

The Chocol'Art Festival is a fusion of unique culinary, fashion and art inspired events for chocolate lovers and connoisseurs. The event is a project initiated by The Rotary Club of Carterton, held at the Carterton Events Centre, with funds raised going towards supporting the disadvantaged in our communities.

Raymond Hicks ContractingRaymond Hicks Contracting

Raymond Hicks Farm Contracting Ltd approached Wairarapa Web Design to upgrade their existing website to a new, more professional one, with improved online visibility. A Search-Optimised domain, page content and website-structure will help the business be found in online searches for local farm contractors.

Carterton Farmers MarketCarterton Farmers Market

This website was produced to support the Place Making project bid by a group of enthusiastic Carterton individuals to create a farmers market in the heart of our town. This mobile-responsive website provides a traditional look and feel whilst still bringing the latest in web technology.

The Cabbage Tree VineyardThe Cabbage Tree Vineyard

The Cabbage Tree Vineyard is located on the Martinborough flats in the Wairarapa. With an aging website and a need for upgrades to online purchasing of their wonderful wines, they approached WWD for a refresh. A boosted presence in Google and a beautiful new layout make this website stand out from the crowd.


This high-tech events company, based in Wellington, needed a cutting-edge design and build for their new business. Wairarapa Web Design created the company's logo, a sleek, flowing wave of air over the blue eye, or lens. The rest of the website was then themed around this, with a minimal, mobile-responsive page layout.

Churchfields ShoesChurchfields Shoes

Churchfields is a new women's shoe store opening in June 2014 in the Kuripuni shopping area, south of Masterton town centre. This simple but stylish website holding page is the first step in promotion of this new and exciting business in the Wairarapa. Watch this web-space!

Geange ConsultingGeange Consulting

The Geange Consulting website build was part of a collaborative effort, combining Gregory Studio's design focus with our development skills. A Content Management System allows the client control over their data, with a simple means of updating their content as and when required. Custom Project pages provide a smart view of prior work and a neat interface for both user & admin.

Warrandyte CottageWarrandyte Cottage

Warrandyte Cottage is an overseas holiday let property, based in the North of Wales, UK. Recently purchased to provide a weekend escape for the family and to rent out to visitors to the area, this accommodation is ideally located for holidays on the Welsh coast. The website provides a gallery of facilities available, plus upcoming regional events and local news.

Vintage European FurnitureVintage European Furniture

Vintage European Furniture Ltd is a Gladstone-based business, specialising in beautiful furniture for your home. The furniture, imported from England, France & Hungary, originates from farmhouses, servants quarters, warehouses and schools. The simple-yet-effective layout is thanks to a collaboration between Wairarapa Web Design & graphic designer Tania White.

Deluxe RestroomsDeluxe Restrooms

This quirky project provided a great, online point-of-contact to potential customers of the Deluxe Restrooms team. With a simple yet classy layout, a contact form and some basic Google Search Optimisation (SEO), people can find out about this event-focused service and get in touch easily for more information or to book a date.

Kiwi Colour Blog & SEOKiwi Colour Blog & SEO

Kiwi Colour car body repairs work in a competitive market. To gain an edge over other companies, Wairarapa Web Design search optimised their website and created a content-managed blog, integrated seamlessly with Facebook & Twitter. This provides a great way of channelling more searches to your website, hence improving sales!

Little Fawn DistributionLittle Fawn Distribution

Initially tasked with the production of a brand and logo Little Fawn Distribution, we subsequently started work on their website design too. This start-up company stocks, imports and supplies baby and child toys, clothing and accessories within New Zealand. The holding page here is just a start, so watch this space for more!

Schoc ChocolatesSchoc Chocolates

Starting with a huge, legacy website with an aging design, Wairarapa Web Design took this Greytown business's site and redesigned it from scratch. The existing Content Management System still worked well, so that could remain, but the customer experience needed to be upgraded substantially. With a shiny new layout in brand-colours, Schoc's website is one of our favourite projects.

Carterton OsteopathyCarterton Osteopathy

Carterton Osteopathy was a collaborative project with Gregory Design Studio, Greytown. The client knew exactly what she needed and that's what we delivered. The website offers an insight into her work, FAQs and methods of contact. Smartphone mobile-optimisation, search-engine-boosting features and Content Management make this a neat, modern project.

Wairarapa Horse VetWairarapa Horse Vet

The goals for Wairarapa Equine's website were to help clients find the "new vet" online, provide a resource centre for horse-owners, promote news and be competitive online. Carefully implemented SEO as part of a strategically planned marketing campaign have placed the website No.1 for most relevant online searches.

Arrow FMArrow FM

Arrow FM are the Wairarapa's own Access Radio station, providing a means for minority groups to "do their thing" on air. We have greatly enjoyed working with the Masterton team on this extensive project, creating new, bespoke functionality for their Content Management System as we went, and will continue to evolve. What a truly rewarding and interesting project!

Baby Avenue Children's ProductsBaby Avenue Children's Products

Although the Baby Avenue website was not produced by WWD, we have been working closely with the business owner to improve the performance of the website. Speeding page loading speeds up, making the website more prominent in Google search result pages (SERPs) and improving their network of inbound links to their website.

Roof Safe SystemsRoof Safe Systems

This 100% NZ owned business provides industry-compliant roof-edge protection for the construction industry. Their website and logo design needed to reflect their professional, quality products and service. Wairarapa Web Design continue to support the team and provide updates to the website on the customer's behalf.

NZ Craft ProductsNZ Craft Products

Working closely with the Sew Carterton team and their existing website developer, Wairarapa Web Design have updated their website to boost online performance, usability and, ultimately, drive more sales and enquiries. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is so important if your website is to provide a Return On Investment.

Steve Ticehurst BuildingSteve Ticehurst Building

Carterton-based Steve Ticehurst has worked as a builder in the Wairarapa for over 30 years. This well respected business needed a professional online presence, upgrading from a basic Gopher web-page. The new site will continue to develop, thanks to the website's Content Management System.

Chilli FestivalChilli Festival

The Chilli Festival website is set up to promote the booming industry of chilli-based foods, events and retailers. Food reviews of international products, photography from event venues and news updates are all online. Soon to be updated with new functionality!

Eventing WairarapaEventing Wairarapa

With a pressing deadline and an approaching September event, the new website for the Eventing Wairarapa team was produced to provide visibility online and promotion for their sponsors. The website aimed to get the maximum information across on a single page, simply but professionally.


Based upon an existing design, this website was "remastered" and optimised. The old site used heavy, oversized images that made viewing the website a slow experience. Hand-written html, compressed images and HTML5-compliant code mean that this website will now perform better in Google and the user has a smoother experience.

Wairarapa LawyerWairarapa Lawyer

Belvedere Law are a Carterton/Wairarapa-based lawyer team specialising in family law, dispute resolution, property and estate law and civil litigation cases. The website was produced by Anne Taylor, Greytown; our work on the Belvedere Law site was to help promote and optimise the website in Google search results.

Hoeke Lodge Luxury Accommodation Hoeke Lodge Luxury Accommodation

Designing a website for a boutique lodge requires a specific look & feel; Hoeke Lodge is luxurious, contemporary and environmentally sound, hence the design should follow suit. We used our 8 years of accommodation marketing and knowledge of the hospitality industry to create a great customer experience that would reflect that of the lodge itself.

King Street LiveKing Street Live

Masterton's King Street Live website was a collaborative effort, combining Gregory Studio's graphic design skills with our technical know-how. A re-written CMS system fits the client's bespoke requirements, whilst the web user has quick, simple access to all the latest gigs & events in Wairarapa's newest music venue. Simplicity is the key, so adding events & updating pages is child's play!

Michael Moore, ArtistMichael Moore, Artist

Wairarapa Web Design had the pleasure of working with Michael Moore, a New Zealand artist and painter of beautiful landscape scenes from around the country. Michael's new website was set up to make allow his work to be accessible and interactive online. View his collection of paintings for sale, or get in touch to request he undertake a commission piece.


Utilising a beautiful new design and corporate branding from Gregory Studio, Greytown, we created the necessary technical geeky bits to make this eye-catching website. The code created was ready to integrate with a Microsoft .NET web application. Clever. We particularly like the background image that scales to fit the page. Shiny!

Plantation BambooPlantation Bamboo

We didn't design this website... Boo! However, we did carry out Search Engine Optimisation to improve the online presence of Plantation Design's website. The Wellington and Auckland-based business, offers stunning bamboo materials for flooring & wooden panels as a sustainable, hard-wearing - not to mention beautiful - alternative to hardwoods such as matai, rimu and tawa.

Speedy Lawn LtdSpeedy Lawn Ltd

Speedy Lawn Ltd is a Wairarapa based business, offering their super-fast grass hydroseeding service for re-grassing lawns, berms & erosion-prevention. The website design followed their existing branding, with a simple & clear call to action. A sound SEO structure, paired with online advertising via Facebook and Google Pay-Per-Click ads provides a highly visible online brand.

Westwood Country HouseWestwood Country House

This website was inherited from local web designer, Jeremy Simpson. Produced nearly 20 years ago, the site is still performing for the property owner, Jill. Wairarapa Web Design now host the website, and update images and wording periodically.

Trojan RidingTrojan Riding

Trojan Riding had an existing web-presence that wasn't performing as well as it could. The design lacked consistency throughout, which can be very confusing for the user. A usability study & SEO review found areas that could be simplified, developed & focused to benefit performance. The new web-design is more likely to be found in a Google search & much friendlier for the user to use.

Paulownia Estate Wairarapa WinePaulownia Estate Wairarapa Wine

We worked with Vaughan & Christine at Paulownia Estate to revitalise their existing website with new features, fresh words and photography. Search optimisation will provide immediate benefits to the Masterton vineyard in promoting their business online, placing their website on the map alongside Martinborough wine producers in Wairarapa.

Balance Beyond KinesiologyBalance Beyond Kinesiology

The website development for Robyn-Cherry Campbell's kinesiology business in Carterton has to be one of our favourite website designs. Robyn had a good idea of what she wanted - a cool layout, featuring her trademark dragonfly. Plus mobile optimisation and some great, bespoke features and general "new stuff".

Rei Huia Sport HorsesRei Huia Sport Horses

The Rei-Huia website was built in 2009 to attract potential clients and help build a business brand. The website was re-developed in 2012 to coincide with an upcoming sport-horse auction; this became an exercise in Google-search optimisation. This SEO work has resulted in an impressive Google rank for their website.

Development Collaborations

In addition to the projects above, we've also worked on a number of collaborative projects with UK-based website developer, SCK Web Works Ltd., including:

View SCK's portfolio for more information on their designs and the SCK Web Editor, our Content Management System of choice.

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