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Website Content

Wairarapa Web Design encourage our clients to be self sufficient! Sure, as your website's webmaster we could charge you for all the changes you need to make... But that would just be cruel! It's better for both you and us to give you the power to be able to manage your own website.

And don't worry - we're always available for support if you need us for the more complex items!

Quick, Simple Editing

Our Content Management System allows you control to make changes throughout your website. So making a quick change to the words or photos on your website can take you just 15 minutes and there's no additional charges from us. The control is in your hands - and it's really simple to do!

SCK Web Editor

Much easier to use than other systems such as Joomla, Drupal or Wordpress, our Content Management System of choice is the SCK Web Editor. This capable tool allows for management of all sections of your website. And its flexibility means that we can customise things to suit you - a bespoke website for your needs:

SCK Web Works Content Management System

CMS Features

The Content Management System offers a good range of tools and facilities, with a focus on simplicity, whilst ensuring great functionality. Images, words - even video - can be added to your website with ease. Just a few of the features available are listed below:

Big Commerce Partner

  • Image upload & editing
  • Text editing of web pages
  • Document & media upload
  • Video embedding for page
  • Subscriber management
  • Newsletter production
  • News article pages
  • Booking systems - buy tickets online
  • Ecommerce - sell products online
  • Event calendars

...and if you want any other facilities, we'd be happy to develop them to your needs, just ask!

Get in touch for more information: call 027 663 9011 or email us today.