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Frequently Asked Questions

We have collated a comprehensive list of questions that we are asked. If we have made any omissions and you wish to add to this list, or if you would like to find out more about our services, contact us for more details.

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Will you support my old website made by someone else?

Sure, if we feel it's a website that we can support, we'd be happy to. What do you need doing? Just drop us a line with a link to your existing website.

Some older websites may be more practical to rewrite and implement into our Content Management System, allowing us more flexibility for future updates and providing you with a method to update your own website in a simple, straight-forward manner.

If we simply feel that the website is unsuitable for us to support or just too much work will be required to be practical, we'll advise alternative approaches. These might be the costs to set up the CMS (mentioned above) or to start a-fresh with a new design and get you something brand-spanking-new without breaking the bank!