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Existing Website

Knowing how many visitors you get from your website and how many sales that produces is crucial to understanding how well your website is performing. You might be pleasantly surprised... or you might discover that no-body can find you at all!

As they say - forewarned is forearmed - and with statistical information at hand, you can form a positive plan of upgrades and improvements for your tired website!

Website Statistics

Implementing a system to allow you to view your website statistics is an affordable & invaluable upgrade to your website. You quickly discover basic information, such as number of visits and bounce rate, through to more in-depth data that explains where your visitors are based in the World and how they discovered your site.

With a little training, you can quickly develop an understanding as to what parts of your business are succeeding online and what needs additional attention.

Combining statistics with other modifications to your website will allow you to see what benefits your site the most. Posting a blog update, refreshing the homepage wording or "tweeting" can all have a significant on the numbers and types of visitors to your website.

Keyword Research & SEO

The ultimate goal of keyword research is to improve the wording and page structure of your website. With statistical data available, our keyword research work is further enhanced.

Keyword research involves producing a recommended list of words and phrases that we can use within your website, based on actual search terms people type into Google. We then implement these phrases in the right places in order to create the optimum balance of search terms, clear wording and correct grammar.

Find out more about Seach Optimisation & Keyword Research here.

The Devil is in the Detail

Okay, it's a vague title, but it encompasses many small changes that are often forgotten in amateur websites and even by many web designers. The way the web-server is set up, how we guide Google around your website and even the size of photos on your site need to follow best practice.

Many small changes can transform your website's performance without changing the design at all! Items we'd review and recommend for updates might include:

  • Presence of page Meta Data & Headings
  • Accessibility & Image Tags
  • Server Redirects & Duplication
  • Website Sitemaps
  • Internal Linking
  • Page Speed & Compression
  • HTML Code built to W3C Guidelines
  • Google Tools
  • ...and a whole lot more!

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