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Is your current website doing your business justice? Or do customers land on your homepage... then immediately leave? The number of visitors vs those that immediately leave your website is called the bounce rate. A high bounce rate is a really bad thing! What's even worse is not getting any visitors in the first-place!

So in other words you need to get your website found, but also present your business professionally and provide a clear, easy-to-understand guide to what your business can offer. That way, they look at the homepage, click on the item they were looking for, then either buy or get in touch to find out more. Success!

Consultation Process

Our approach to creating a new website starts with a one-to-one consultation. In addition to discussing your goals and requirements, we also review your existing website and explore your competition. With this insight into your business and industry, we will then produce a clearly written proposal and quote. Once mutually agreed, we can start work on the design!

No project is too big or small; we're happy to work with you on a single-page website to promote your business or bigger corporate projects with potentially thousands of pages.

Get in touch for a free website quote today - call 027 663 9011 or email us.