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Wairarapa News

Carterton's New Councillors for October 2013

Friday 14th of October 2016:
The elections are finished, votes counted and the results are in for Carterton! | Read more about Carterton's New Councillors for October 2013.

Website Templates & Handmade Code

Friday 7th of October 2016:
Our clients often ask us what software and technologies we use to build our mobile-responsive websites and how we ensure our projects are so successful online. Here's a quick insight. | Read more about Website Templates & Handmade Code.

What Are Keywords?

Friday 7th of October 2016:
What are keywords and why do they matter on your website? | Read more about What Are Keywords?.

Coding Workshop Resources

Thursday 6th of October 2016:
So you think you're a programmer? After our 2 hour voyage into coding for Carterton, you sure are! Check out some more coding resources here... | Read more about Coding Workshop Resources.

Windows XP Upgrades for NZ Business

Saturday 24th of September 2016:
With Microsoft no-longer planning updates, security or ongoing support for Windows XP, businesses need to plan for their transition to Windows 7 or Windows 8. | Read more about Windows XP Upgrades for NZ Business.

Windows XP End of Support Message

Monday 11th of July 2016:
Windows XP was a worthy workhorse and did everything you needed, albeit with the occasional blue-screen-of-death along the way. And now it is time to say goodbye! | Read more about Windows XP End of Support Message.

Circus Aotearoa, Carterton

Sunday 15th of May 2016:
Circus Aotearoa will be visiting Carterton from Friday, 24th May to Sunday 26th. | Read more about Circus Aotearoa, Carterton.

Wairarapa Business Successes

Sunday 17th of April 2016:
Looking back at the Wairarapa Web Design portfolio it's great to see the variety of businesses that set up in the region - and go on to be thriving enterprises! | Read more about Wairarapa Business Successes.

Steve McDonald Playing at Carterton Memorial Hall

Sunday 7th of February 2016:
Steve McDonald will be playing at Carterton Memorial Hall on Saturday, 23rd February 2013. Book tickets now to ensure your place in this evening's entertainment. | Read more about Steve McDonald Playing at Carterton Memorial Hall.

Wings Over Wairarapa & the Future

Saturday 23rd of January 2016:
Growth and positivity in Wairarapa was clearly visible in this weekend at the Wings Over Wairarapa air-show in Masterton. Traffic swelled on State Highway 2 as tourists, in particular Wellingtonians, flocked to see the spectacle. | Read more about Wings Over Wairarapa & the Future.

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