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Unified Wairarapa, Wellington Super City?

The proposal for a unified Wairarapa will now go to public consultation. This is the end result of work by the Wairarapa Governance Review Working Party, a group of representatives of each district council.  The individual Wairarapa councils will begin joint public consultation on their preferred option of a single Wairarapa council this week.

However, according to Sustainable Wairarapa, a Wairarapa Unitary Authority is not affordable and could severely impact the region's financial position. Sustainable Wairarapa claim that for a unitary authority to maintain present services currently provided by Greater Wellington, rates would rise by roughly $450 to $500 per rating unit.

A unitary authority is different would take on all responsibilities presently carried out by Greater Wellington, including environmental issues, land management and transport.

An alternative proposed approach for Wairarapa is to form a super-city style Wellington council. This would meant that most regional decisions would be made by a metropolitan council.

A leaflet and feedback form will be delivered to all Wairarapa households. Public meetings will follow in each town of Wairarapa between December 10 and 13.

4th February is the final date for residents to provide feedback by post, email, fax and online. Copies of the report can be found at, council offices and libraries.

Article published Monday 10th of December 2012

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