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Simple, Cheap Website Improvements

There's an endless list of amendments and updates that you can make to your business website to improve it's search position and conversion rate (that's the number of visitors that turn into paying customers). And not to forget your Facebook account, Google Map listing and even the emails that you send each day - these can also benefit the number of visitors to your business's website.

How you ask? I'll tell you right now:

Website Updates

Content Updates

One of the most important things to do with your website is to keep the wording on the site fresh, updated and continually changing. This shows Google that your website isn't old and inactive. You're much more likely to appear in the top 10 results in Google if your site has new words, photos and pages.

How do you do this? Content Management, that's how! If you have the facility to manage your own website, you can spend 10 minutes once a week to add a new product to your website or maybe some news from the work-desk. Who have you met with this week? Is there something you want to promote? With just a few minutes of your time, you've helped move your business forward a whole bunch!

Technical Updates

There's a whole pile of things that go on in the background behind your website - to be honest, things that are really boring and geeky - but they make a massive difference to how your website is accessed online.

These can be addressed by us and you can keep your sanity and not have to learn how to program or know what a redirect is! We can review your website and produce a report of recommended areas to be addressed. You can then tackle it yourself if you're feeling brave, or ask us to make the changes on your behalf :)

Social Media
(that's Facebook & Twitter!)

Assuming you have a Facebook and Twitter page, we can show you some small amends that you can make to benefit your whole online presence.

We offer 1-to-1 training sessions to work through what can help you use these technologies to their optimum. And if you don't have business accounts on Twitter and Facebook, we can set them up for you and integrate them with your website.

Email Accounts

Are your emails being sent from an Xtra or Gmail account? Receiving a business email from really doesn't look too professional, so why not get a dedicated email account that uses the same format as your website? On the other hand, tells you immediately who the email is from and what they do.

When you're sending emails to clients, it's a nice touch to have a smart looking email signature - something that reflects your company brand. You have an opportunity to pop your logo and contact details (phone numbers, fax and email) into the signature... maybe even the hours you work, your website link and a banner for your current promotion.

Catch people's attention and they'll click through to your website!

To arrange a training session or a website review, contact us on 027 663 9011 or email direct.

Article published Friday 9th of November 2012

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