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Google Map Places / Local for SEO

Increase your business visibility on the web by adding your business to Google Maps via Google Places. This can greatly help you get better visibility in local search results & mobile searches.

Local search results are beneficial when a user adds the town or location they are looking for a particular service in. E.g. "baker in Carterton". This is particularly relevant to mobile users (smartphones), which often automatically tailor the user's search without the need to actually type "in Carterton".

If someone was looking for "website designer services in Masterton", their Google search might be "Masterton web design company". Google understands that the search requires a result in a particular location. It is most common that the Google Map results are showed in the search results before any other items.

Get your business listed with Google Places, or if it already is, then claim your "Place" today. Get in touch for further advice on 027 663 9011 or email us.

Article published Monday 12th of November 2012

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