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Carterton Business Listings

Get 6 months free listing [from December 2013] of your business at the Carterton Information Centre, and on their lovely website when you sign up for a year. And the minimal $40 for that year is, in our opinion, an absolute bargain.

Go to the Carterton Information Centre website to see where your business would be listed, then get in touch with their team. Send information about your business, your website address and some details about what you do. Cheryl and the team will get you seen :)

What do you get?

  • Display your business cards or pamphlets at the centre
  • Send up to 6 photos of your business (in jpeg format) to play on their large screen in the reception area
  • List you on the Information Centre website
  • Allow you to publish messages on the Information Centre Facebook page
  • They are also happy to offer you a radio interview on Arrow FM Access Radio, talking about the positive things happening in Carterton or throughout the Wairarapa

Article published Thursday 5th of December 2013

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