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Avatar Films, Greater Wellington & James Cameron on Wairarapa

News from film director James Cameron confirms that the next 3 Avatar sequels will be filmed in New Zealand. It is believed that the the production of the films is part of a deal that will also see a boost in funding for other local productions and the film industry.

It is thought that at least $500 million NZ will be spent in New Zealand on these upcoming films; with such investments, it could lure Kiwi directors, actors and crew back to New Zealand who are presently working overseas.

Cameron aims to be in New Zealand for the long haul and sees it as his home. The purchase of his dairy farm near Lake Wairarapa back in 2012 brought both an immediate economic benefit to the region and an ongoing commitment to the area.

His move to the area also raised the profile of the Wairarapa in the media; could it be a coincidence that Carterton was near the top of the country's population growth in the past year? Maybe...

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Article published Tuesday 17th of December 2013

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