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Facebook Page Likes Disappear

In just under a week you're likely to see the number of "Likes" on your Facebook page decrease. WHY!? PANIC! What are Facebook doing now??

Okay, so Facebook are changing the way that "Likes" for your business page are counted. With a large number of Facebook accounts that are either duplicate accounts or simply not used anymore, these followers are being discounted.

Facebook say this is to increase business results to give page admins an up to date, realistic insight of users with a focus more on the active users. Facebook already filters activity generated by memorialised and deactivated accounts to keep data consistent.

Page admins are seeing the following message on their admin panels notifying the same:

Facebook likes disappear from business page

The change begins from 12th March 2015. This shouldn't be a serious concern because these removed likes are people who would have had no input to your page anyway. Any deactivated accounts that are reactivated will be again added to page likes.

Article published Friday 6th of March 2015

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