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Wairarapa Business Successes

Whilst sentimentally looking back at the Wairarapa Web Design portfolio today I was pleasantly surprised to see the variety - and number - of businesses that set up in the region and surrounding areas of Greater Wellington, Tararuas and Manawatu. More importantly the majority go on to become thriving enterprises, fulfilling the goals and aspirations of the owner.

Kiwis - and those who move to New Zealand - tend to be innovative, can-do people; a positive attitude and entrepreneurial approach overcomes the obstacles faced by the remote nature of our wee rock in the Pacific Ocean. Challenges like these - including the higher costs of imported products and lower national wealth to mention but two - often result in solutions that would otherwise have never been considered.

It's refreshing to look at this with a recent view of living in Europe, where many amenities, services and such are much easier to attain or afford. But the positivity of the reassuring "she'll be right, bro" means to me - "don't worry, we'll pull together and make it happen, whatever".

Check out some of the local Wairarapa businesses we've had the pleasure of working with:

Article published Sunday 17th of April 2016

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