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Local Advertising Resources in the Wairarapa

The Wairarapa is a connected place, both online and off. Word can spread quickly on the grapevine, but there's no harm in giving it a helping hand. Check out these online and offline resources for promotion and marketing of your business... and get in touch if you would like us to help with the promotion of your enterprise:

  • Carterton Events Centre - desk staff share information on upcoming events and local businesses.
  • Carterton Farmers Market - set up a stall to promote your event or business.
  • Go Carterton - networking and mailing list to promote local events/business activities, plus website to add your details.
  • Carterton Crier - submit an article or advertise with the Crier to reach all homes in town and beyond.
  • Neighbourly - connect with your surrounding neighbourhoods, join the discussion and ensure the locals turn to you first.
  • Wairarapa News - advertising and articles submitted about your events and more!
  • Times Age - the local newspaper for everything Wairarapa related.
  • Wairarapa Lifestyle - magazine with features and advertising opportunities.
  • Facebook - share your local knowledge and promote yourself.
  • MediaWorks - affordable radio advertising across the region.
  • NZME - more affordable radio advertising across the region.
  • Arrow FM - local community access radio station.
  • Wairarapa TV - regional station with a focus on promoting local tourism and events.
  • YouTube - set up your own channel to promote your business services and products.
  • Wairarapa Journal - sharing more of the magical place we live in with locals as well as visitors.
  • Pure Wairarapa - Artisans and producers, local activities and more.
  • Carterton's Digital Sign - the electronic community noticeboard located outside Carrington Park is available free of charge for clubs and organisations promoting Carterton events.
  • Wairarapa Web Design - for all your web, graphic and social media needs!

Article published Saturday 13th of May 2017

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