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Google Chrome HTTPS Secure & SSL Certificates

Google has made some significant updates in the way that it looks at websites, for both its search results and for the Chrome browser, used by over 75% of users. This can affect the search position of your business and the likelihood of people visiting your website.

Cut To The Chase, Will My Website Work?

If users of your website are browsing in Google Chrome, they may not be able to send you enquiries or make purchases online. This could be a serious issue! If you get an SSL certificate, you will avoid this problem. 

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SSL Certificates & HTTPS

"What are SSL certificates?" you may ask. SSL certificates protect website users by ensuring any information they send to you can’t be intercepted by hackers.

In summary it's an upgrade to your website hosting that gives your user confidence that your website is extra-secure. It shows the "Secure" badge alongside the address of your business and rather than "http" it uses "https" ("s" for secure):

SSL Secure website address HTTPS

Without it in the coming months, if not already, users will see:

Not secure, no SSL certificates shown in Google Chrome

Your website will continue to work in Google Chrome in most instances - but some website forms and online payments could be blocked, costing you money.

How Do I Get SSL?

We recommend that you take action in the coming months to upgrade your website with an SSL-certificate if you haven't already. The Wairarapa Web Design team are able to make the changes on your behalf. 

In most instances with can set this up for a nominal fee of around $70+GST. Please get in touch to ensure that this applies to your website and we will get to work! 

The outcome? A more secure, customer-friendly website that's easier to find in Google... What's not to like?

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Article published Monday 16th of October 2017

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