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Get Google Reviews During Lockdown

I believe that at Wairarapa Web Design, our web development projects turn previously unheard of businesses into functional online brands in a very short period of time. Search optimisation - that's what we're good at!

And how do I get in Google search in the first weeks?

I have had clients go from brand new website to first place result in a crowded market in a relatively short period of time - I even have got businesses to be first place before I have published their website. So how does that work?

I aim to have an attention to details, a methodical approach, coming from prior work in aviation, defence and quality control. As the saying goes, "The devil is in the detail". The more details, small elements and contributing factors addressed, the more your site will perform.

Google Business Reviews

During covid lockdown it's more important than ever to remind people your business is still out there, and to support other local businesses. Google is the go-to search service provider for over 90% of online searches. It makes sense that we utilise their free review service to better our own search position. If independent users are saying "hey, these guys are great at what they do!" of course Google will rank them higher.

Google reviews are just one part of this search optimisation process, but a significant part - and one that the business owner can pursue with minimal to no technical knowledge. Although it's not difficult to ask past clients for a review, they don't always make the effort then to search for you online, click on your business, click on "reviews" then place a star rating and review (with words is better than just the 5 star rating!).

So let's do the leg-work for them. Businesses can set up a link to share and get a review right there and then:

Once you have set this up, you can share the review link to customers, suppliers and so-on, by email (maybe in your signature), social media (Facebook, Twitter etc), on your website or anywhere else you wish.

For example, you can review Wairarapa Web Design Ltd here:

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Article published Monday 20th of April 2020

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