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Disk Quota Notification

Have you seen this email recently?

Disk Quota Notification for website

Our clients have reported this message numerous times. If you get the following message, it's most likely spam unless you are the administrator for your own web hosting. Please don't click on the links, just delete it and contact your web hosting provider to check if it was legit:

Disk quota notification for "".

The domain "" has reached their disk quota.

The account currently uses 98.97% of its disk capacity.

You should follow the link bellow to auto extend your disk capacity for free as soon as possible in order to prevent the loss of any files and future emails. Use the Disk Capacity tool at

The system generated this notice on 2021/3/23 15:24:32.

You can disable the "User Disk Usage Warning" type of notification through the cPanel interface:

Do not reply to this automated message.

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As ever the spammers and phishing emails are getting more and more sophisticated / believable. This email is a familiar sight to many web developers or designers like ourselves, but it's a message you, the customer, are unlikely to receive.

Always ask for information and don't click on the links or reply to the message.

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Article published Thursday 18th of November 2021

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