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Today, getting yourself found online is essential for your business's success. Keeping up with your competition is one thing, but moving ahead of them is your ultimate aim. And Online Marketing is the way to achieve this.

Get a Blog

Complementing your website with a "blog" is a great means of boosting your search position. Writing updates about your business or the latest news from your industry will increase your website's footprint and hence the likelihood of visitors and, ultimately, new clients.

A blog can exist as part of your website. Or it can be an entirely separate entity, with its own domain name - i.e. it becomes a standalone website. The latter can be more costly and time consuming to set up, but is often beneficial as it extends your reach outside of a single website, and allows you to make links back into your main site.

Newsletters & Subscribers

Your website is a great opportunity to collect marketing information; in particular, visitor's email addresses. These can then be used pro-actively to email newsletter updates, events, offers and reminders to people that have shown an interest in your business.

We offer a variety of options for collecting subscriber data and producing newsletters, dependant on how many subscribers you might get and how frequently you want to send out newsletters. We are happy to discuss what solution might be best for you!

Business Directories & Reviews

There are numerous Business Directories online that allow you to list your business for free, or for a small charge. But which ones to choose? Some directories perform better than others for particular business locations or industries. We can help you choose what will benefit you.

Directories can be tailored to particular countries, regions or industry types - and some are more reputable than others. Listing your business in the wrong one will have limited gain, if at all. Listing a New Zealand company in an European directory will only be beneficial if you're specifically aiming to sell to the European market.

The benefits of business directories are two-fold: 1) Be found in the directory when the market is very competitive and your website doesn't appear in search results before the directory and 2) Gain a link from the directory to your website, boosting your site's credibility.

Article Writing

Similar to writing articles in your own blog, creating short snippets or articles on other people's websites allows you to channel web-traffic back to your site. By creating "in-links" from these websites to your own, your site will be viewed as more important.

In-links to your website, particularly those within a wordy, extensive article, benefit your site's search position. A greater number of links to your site implies that more people value your website's material, or frequently use it for reference and/or purchases. We can show you how to go about writing articles and also where to submit them to.

Website Statistics

Last, but by no means least, statistics! Stats are invaluable in the process of online marketing. They provide an insight into who is coming to your website and how people find you. Knowing this information makes it possible to form a structured marketing plan.

The data that can be collected includes what Google search-terms your visitors used in order to find your site, what country they're in... even the colour of their pants! Okay, maybe not that much data... but oodles of other vital info that will help plan what to do next on your website!

If you'd like to know more about any of the above items, give us a call on 027 663 9011 or email us today.