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Projects: With Heart

With Heart

18th April 2017

We were supplied (yet another!) beautiful design from the mighty Martinborough duo, "Dusty's and Lulu" and got to work. Once stuck into the development phase, building methods and styles it all started coming together beautifully. Next we rolled out the updated version of our favourite CMS, the Verse Editor.

Implementation of strong photo-driven content was a must, so we customised the management system to make that simple. The site is responsive, mobile optimised of course and features some slick transforms and transitions just for polish.

Search optimised? Why wouldn't we? The website is built in line with the latest W3C standards, social media trends and new tech that we could get our hands on.

When this site went "live" it received a fantastic reception. We hope you love it too!

  • Customised CMS
  • W3C compliant at "go live"
  • Bespoke design
  • CSS3 transitions
  • A PHP / MySQL development

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