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26th September 2018

Over and over at local meetings we heard the phrase "Carterton needs a theme". Greytown is shopping, Martinborough is wine, Featherston is Booktown - so where does that leave Carterton? Do we need a theme? Do we already have one?

"Carterton is community"

And there was the challenge - to make that a tangible entity. We believe that the environment, people, the community of a town, and the creativity of those people is more valuable and enticing than simple business-to-business networking.

The residents of Carterton are proud of their people; they love to know more about them, see familiar faces online and see their successes! We rebranded accordingly, using the "Art in Carterton" to celebrate the vast creative pool that resides in this town... and providing a means of showcasing Our People, their work and their local businesses. 

"Quirky Carterton"

From second hand shops to breweries, eateries to engineers... the "cARTerton" project is for everyone who lives in, comes to or want to be in our awesome wee town! We hope you enjoy this website as much as we did building it.

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