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Projects: Evolve Careers

Evolve Careers

24th September 2020

Production of the Evolve Careers website in WordPress took around 3 days of solid development. The website had previously been created in a FreeParking sitebuilder tool called Sitewiz; unfortunately this software didn't best present the website online in terms of Google search results. We took the design and feel of the site and recreated from scratch.

Working with Kirsten on the revitalisation of her website was a pleasure. We listened to what she wanted to achieve with the site long-term to deliver the best results. Kirsten took on-board our recommendations and we forged forward with a project plan!

The key aim was to boost the website's performance. We optimised pages, minified data, keyword-researched to aid search and accelerated the website performance massively - around a tenfold speed improvement.

And, most importantly, we ensured that Google could get maximum visibility of the content for search.

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