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Carterton NZ

24th August 2022

The latest version of the Go Carterton Business group website if at its fourth iteration. The new design and build has some similarities to the old site in terms of design and content, but that's where things end.

Over four years since the last build, technology has advanced and improved security has become even more key for websites; with the old CMS management tools at end of life, a new solution was required. 

Built on WordPress with a carefully selected range of plugins attached, the website features an updated user interface to improve on the old, cluttered landing page. This aim to make the user experience simpler and intuitive was always in my mind.

The successful prior site was built in 2018. Over the years the site has built a following of up to 2000 visitors per month and has been a showcase for the Carterton town and district - for business and tourism. We hope to keep the site updated and evolving using the new framework we now have and make it the first thing that visitors and locals use.

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