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Projects: Somm-Sake NZ

Somm-Sake NZ

25th May 2023

Somm-Sake is the brain-child of Marion Titmuss - aiming to bring fine Sake sourced directly from Artisnal producers in Japan to New Zealand.

This provided an interesting premise for a web project, so I was excited to be involved. Designing a brand that fits with the parent company, MT Glass Ltd, whilst also standing out on its own as an e-commerce brand. Continuing the muted photographs, blue, green and white colours without making the theme overpowering. 

Some functional customisation and additional plugins were added, to allow extra needs and technical aspects to run in the background. Some of these included:

  • WordPress / WooCommerce
  • Age verification tools
  • Video embedding
  • Shipping management tools
  • Social integration
  • Security software
  • Page caching

Visit the Somm-Sake NZ website


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