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Projects: Hoeke Lodge Luxury Accommodation

Hoeke Lodge Luxury Accommodation

11th June 2013

Designing a website for a 5-star Boutique Lodge requires a specific look & feel; Hoeke Lodge in Carterton is a luxurious, contemporary and environmentally sound accommodation venue... hence the design needed to follow suit.

During the design phase, we put our 8 years of accommodation marketing and knowledge of the hospitality industry to good use, to ultimately create a great customer experience that would reflect that of the lodge itself.

As both the website and the lodge were "new build", the Google search position has to move from "No" to "Go" in the least time. A combination of factors, including sound HTML5 construction, light-weight pages, keyword research and Facebook promotion accelerated the website to be in a competitive position online, alongside - and ahead of - other regional hoteliers.


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