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Projects: Keinzley Veterinarian Solutions "Farm Vet"

Keinzley Veterinarian Solutions "Farm Vet"

12th December 2014

Keinzley Veterinary Solutions needed a professional looking website that reflected their agricultural and pastoral based veterinary services. They needed a way to convey the specific nature of their services, including an easy way to update news articles.

The Keinzley Vet Solutions' Facebook and Twitter pages sync seamlessly with the latest news articles on the website. Thanks to the Content Management System these pages are automatically updated. This means less labour time for the Keinzley staff - they make an update in 1 place, propagating onward to 3 pages with minimal effort... quick and simple!

The design of the website prominently features some shots of the stunning Wairarapa scenery. Plus the green / gold colouring ties in with KVS's own branding as seen on the team's uniform, buildings and vehicles.

Several section banners are placed across the centre of the website for accessibility; this mean that clients can easily find the information that they are searching for.

Wairarapa Web Design continue to support the KVS team and can provide updates to the website on their behalf.


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