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Search Engine

We'd all love to be able to say "My website is first in Google"; but what search terms do you want it to be first for?

A search for your business name should always find your website - but what about a search for your products and services in your region?  For example, a Google search for your product - let's say you sell curtains in Masterton - then are you in the top 5 search results? Or even in the 10? Give it a go now.

If you're not appearing on the first page of Google for your product (i.e. the top 10), then you're not going to get any sales - simple!
That's where we can help.

The Key to Search Rank

For a website to perform well in search results and get a good "search rank", there are a number of factors to consider, including:

  • Modern web-page construction & clean HTML
  • Well written page content, implemented correctly
  • Following web technical guidelines from W3C
  • A good selection of images, downloads & other resources
  • Links to your website and an active following

And that's just the tip of the SEO-iceberg; the list is endless!

New vs Existing Websites

Getting a new website will not necessarily get you found online. If it's not developed following the key factors above, then you could be worse off with your new website than your old one.

So the decision is whether to update your old website or to get a brand new site...

Design A New Website

"I've just had a new website produced, but I can't find it in Google!"

This is all too common a statement. If a web designer doesn't follow the recommended steps, then you might lose all the hard work you've put into your website to date.

A new website provides an opportunity to promote your business brand professionally, offers exciting new features and informs potential clients of what you do. Our projects are planned, designed and built with SEO firmly in mind, ensuring that your website performs. After-all, why have a website if nobody can find it online?!

Do you need a New Website?


Optimise My Current Website

When choosing whether to update your current website or create a new one, it's important to think about what you want to achieve, what your current site can already do and obviously what fits budget!

We can help you choose the best route for your situation and are happy to provide a preliminary SEO review for your current site. If it seems sensible to optimise the current website, then we can work with you to make all possible changes and updates that will help improve your search rank.

Get a free review of your current website.