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Website Review

We offer a range of Website Reviews, advice and consultation
services. These include:

Free SEO Review

We can provide an SEO review of your website for FREE to advise how it's performing for your business and if we feel that there are areas that need to be improved.

Get in touch today, with your contact details & website address.

Full SEO &
Useability Review

We also offer an in-depth SEO and useability review, with a report detailing performance data, any specific issues with your website and a "to-do" list for you to implement any fixes. This is a fixed cost of $85+GST.

If we feel that there are no improvements to be made, or if you choose for us to optimise your website, then there will be no charge for the review.

Keyword Research

Your website craves keywords and key-phrases! Having the right wording within your site's content can be the difference between being on the first page of Google search results or not!

We provide a keyword research service, providing a list of competitive and niche keywords & phrases for you to use, with guidelines on how to apply them. This costs from just $120+GST. If this is carried out as part of the Full SEO Review, you save 50% on the Keyword Research, at just $60 - that's just $205+GST all-in!

SEO & Online
Marketing Consultation

We also offer a consultation service; a one-to-one meeting in your workplace for us to gain a better understanding of your business's needs and to discuss in person what you hope to achieve. Costs are charged on an hourly basis.

We then provide you with a written proposal for our recommendations for your business's online presence. This can be carried out with Wairarapa Web Design or a development team of your choice.

Call Dan today on 027 663 9011 to discuss any of the above SEO, keyword or consultation options. No commitment or fee to discuss.