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Social Media
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Social media has rapidly become a very important, if not vital, tool in the promotion of your business. Facebook, YouTube & Twitter are just three of the commonly social media networks, providing a means of sharing the latest products and services with both friends and other businesses.

Our aim is to use these mediums, among others, to network your business with others, enhance your website's content and extend your reach.

Social Strategy

As the use of social media grows and grows, it can seem daunting to know where to start. We can tell you how these systems can be used beneficially and discover other examples of social media tools online.

We will guide you through what can be beneficial to your business and can produce a strategy plan that you can follow in order to get the best out of both social media and your website. And if you're a busy person, we can even create a system that automatically updates multiple social accounts for you!

Below are just a few of the systems that might be of use to you:

YouTubeYouTube Videos

You might wonder how a video about your business will help your marketing campaign... What would you want to say? And why would people want to watch it?

The simple answer is to consider the statistics; more specifically, the number of viewers online that might be interested in what you sell and supply. A simple clip introducing your business services, showing the premises, and your stocked products allows you to broadcast to millions and provide a friendly "real face" via your website.

These video clips can be seamlessly placed and viewed within your web page, without the need to go to the YouTube website directly. In addition, the video will create a strong search result when users "Google" your business. Video results are often prioritised in Google over other results, so having a video or two will help you quickly step ahead of your competitors!

FacebookFacebook Friends

There are over 1 Billion active Facebook users in the Facebook network & 552 million daily users. Put simply, that's a potential 1 Billion people for you to promote products & services to. And it's FREE to create a Facebook business page. 

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With some choice words and a little help from your friends to "Like" your page, you'll be off to a flying start!

In addition to your circle of friends, Facebook now offers paid advertising facilities and a "Promote" button, to make your posts appear more prominently. The beauty of Facebook advertising is the ability to very specifically target your audience.Paid advertising can be promoted to just the people that could be interested in your product.

In other words, if Facebook members "like" particular hobbies, fall within a certain age range and work in a particular industry, you can focus your promotion campaign to that demographic. This focus means that your advert costs are less.

You can set up your adverts to a) take users to your Facebook page, b) ask them to "like" your page, c) send them directly to a particular page within your website. This enables you to expand your reach beyond your friend-base and Google search results; an awesome tool!

Twitter Networking

"What is Twitter? Why would I want to use it?"

Two very reasonable questions!  We believe that Twitter provides three main tools for you.

  1. Provide the ability to contact companies and celebrities directly, and get a personal reply
  2. Collate a number of sources of the latest news, so you can read in one place
  3. Passively or proactively build a network of contacts and inbound website traffic

With an account in place, and occasional "tweet" on your page and a handful of followers, your Twitter account can and will improve your online visibility.

We offer a range of Twitter related services, from creating your Twitter account to writing your "tweets" on your behalf, saving you time and effort. We can link your social media accounts to Twitter and automatically update your page with your latest. Training sessions are available too - we explain how to use Twitter, networking and how to get the most out of your account.

PinterestPinterest Pictures

Pinterest is a huge list of beautiful, unusual and clever imagery that users can "like", or "repin" and share across other networks such as Twitter & Facebook. Pinterest is more than just a great way to procrastinate - it's a truly groundbreaking phenomenon and a great opportunity to share your images and web pages virally!

More information about Pinterest and photo-sharing coming soon!

LinkedInLinkedIn Colleagues

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. There are over 175 million members at present and that figure continues to grow. LinkedIn connects you to trusted contacts and helps you gain knowledge, ideas, and opportunities within your industry. Conversely, you can provide your advice, service and products to them too!

More information about the LinkedIn network coming soon!