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Web Design

Your website needs to represent your business online in a professional
manner. Your old website (or lack of one!) might be letting your business
down and disappointing your potential customers. If their online experience is not up to standard, they are likely to look elsewhere.

We initiate the design process by creating a design brief document with you - a two page compilation of colour-scheme notes, examples of your favoured websites, a list of pages required and any media available. Once mutually agreed, this becomes our graphic design guide.

Some of other considerations are listed below:

Website Aesthetic

Our design-goal is to ensure that your website has a modern appearance, relevant to your business. The website's feel & colour-scheme should be in keeping with your signage, products and services. This helps build your business identity and brand familiarity.

Using photographs of your location, products or team members allows you to make things more personal. This visualisation is reassuring to your customers and has been shown to increase the number of sales obtained, whether online or in person.

Customer Experience

The customer experience is the way that a user interacts with your website, how they work their way through the pages and generally feel about using it. If it's difficult to navigate your site and find what they want, then you may lose their custom.

We ensure that the customer experience is considered within the design process for your new website. Creating a site that is straight-forward to navigate means that it should be clear from the homepage what your product or service is, what information is available and how to access it quickly.

Contact us about our Web Design services on 027 663 9011 or via email.