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Web Development

What do you need your website to do? This simple, but crucial question can decide the success or failure of a web project. Our aim to understand exactly what you need your website to do before we give you a quote or start work.

The first stage of your website development is consultation. We can discuss your requirements one-to-one to get an idea of what features you need, what would be nice to have and what you simply don't need. This keeps development costs to a minimum and maximises value for money.

Features might include a slideshow on your web-pages, a blog and an event calendar. We are able to provide a price for these items and some optional extras that maybe you hadn't considered.

With your requirement list known, we create a project proposal document for you to review. On your approval, we can get to work!

Web Technologies

This is the technical bit - if you are bored easily by acronyms, turn away now! This is what we use in the assembly of your website:

  • Production of HTML & CSS from a PhotoShop design:
    • We hand-code the website template from scratch, albeit with a few reliable code snippets we've developed over the years.

  • Implementation into a PHP-based CMS system:
    • Using the SCK Web Editor allows flexibility to remove modules for ease of use or develop new modules to suit your technical requirements.

  • MySQL database(s) are used for dynamic elements:
    • Although the CMS produces real HTML pages for most of the website, it employs PHP pages where necessary, data-driven from a MySQL database.

  • A Linux-based Apache server hosts your website:
    • Reliable Linux servers from award-winning hosting companies provide reassurance that your website will be online 99.9% of the time.

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